As a Creative Director, copywriter and content strategist, I’m known for developing award-winning big ideas for top brands including Vonage, L'Oreal, AARP, CHASE, Dannon, Nokia, Dell, Huggies, Nationwide, Novartis, and Microsoft. I have a knack (and a love)  for telling brand stories, honing a brand voice and creating compelling campaigns by rooting out a consumer truth and then connecting the dots across all relevant channels from broadcast to social to digital to print.

As a creative manager, I believe that feedback should shape the work not shut down the creative process: a team that feels empowered will work harder and produce better work.

In addition to my over 10 years in agency life, I’ve also been known to work as a: blogger, journalist, webmaster, designer, translator (Spanish), ghostwriter, museum exhibit copywriter,  book doctor, university writing professor, corporate PR director, jazz club hostess, playwright, poet, short-story writer, copy editor (for romance and Scifi novels, of course), travel magazine fact checker, children’s magazine editor, theater director, public school teaching artist, and mommy. Surprisingly, it all comes in handy.